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Breaking out into the DJ scene,
DJ JapBoy unique flare is blowing up the club scene throughout Japan.
The Osaka native first broke into the scene back in 2013 in one of the most unique way.
He loaded the back of his car with as many power amps and speakers and headed to the bay.
When he arrived he opened the back of his car and immediately started playing.
This head turning approach took the normally tame beaches of Japan by surprise.
As people passed by they could not help but to notice.
His unique style to bring the party like no one else had done in Japan was the catalyst to his show presence that got the whole beach dancing.
With performance in front of crowds as large as 130,000 people at the 2013 WHITE BEACH fireworks festival, you can see how this up and comer is ready to make the next level globally.


May 2017
On Mixcloud
3rd Dubstep chart
19th Mash up chart
31st EDM Mix chart
68th Trap chart
Miller SoundClash 2017
May 2017
On Mixcloud
2nd Dubstep chart
11th Mash up chart
17th Party chart
18 EDM Mix chart
March 2017
On Mixcloud
6th Mash up chart
7th EDM Mix chart
11th Dubstep chart
21st Trap chart
New Year mix 2017
January 2017
On Mixcloud
1st Dubstep chart
9th Mash up chart
37th Big Room chart
72nd Electro House chart
87th Trap chart
Appeared on More Bass radio program
October 2016
On Mixcloud
5th Mash up chart
22nd Electro Dance Music chart
24th Big Room chart
59th Trap chart
Live Mix Updated on Mixcloud
August 2016
On Mixcloud
2nd Dubstep chart
4th Mash up chart
24th Big Room chart
39th EDM Mix chart
45th Club chart
The Sounds Of tomorrow 2016
April 2016
On Mixcloud
6th Mash up chart
28th Big Room chart
80th Electro House chart
Miller SoundClash 2016
April 2016
On Mixcloud
5th Mash up chart
13th Big Room chart
16th EDM Mix chart
18th Club chart
Set For Peace 2015
September 2015
On Mixcloud
40th EDM Mix chart
48th Club chart
Miller SoundClash 2015
July 2015
On Mixcloud
24th EDM Mix chart
27th Club chart


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